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First, let´s start with your personal information:

Wedding date:
Your name:
Any comments?

Now it´s all about the requirements for your wedding:


Specify number of guests:       Number of adults:      Number of children:


Ceremony type
Civil Ceremony is the only legal ceremony accepted in Mexico. The town requires paperwork.
      We will present them on your behalf to the Civil Registration Office in the Town Hall of Isla Mujeres.
Spiritual ceremony: this ceremony is not recognized in Mexico, it has a symbolic value, you need to talk
      to the minister to decide the “atmosphere of the ceremony”, and the speech. 
Church Ceremony.
Beach decoration
Two flower arrangements (seasonal flowers such as gladiolas) will decorate the altar area.
A straw runner as aisle runner, with Shells on the side 
Flower arch, Seasonal.
Huppa style arch with two flower arrangement
Flower balls in hooks, this can be move into reception for decoration: mixed carnations and lilies
Flowers in bowls, depending on the flower on the bowl, this can be used also as centerpiece.
White chinese lanterns in hooks.
Huppa with roses.
Single flower on the chair: suggestion: rose-gerber daisy
Cone with flowers to shower the newlywed 
Chair option, for ceremony and reception
Chairs with white cover will be located on each side of the aisle; so only the judge and the couple stand and everybody gets to see the ceremony. If you prefer another type of chair, click on your preference:
Bamboo brown chair.
White folding chair with cushion.
Tiffany chair: White Brown Gold None
Specify if you wish a different option of chair for ceremony and reception:
Photographer and video
Video service during the ceremony, cocktail or reception. Specify the part of the event you wish to videotape:
      (Weddings Isla Mujeres will keep a copy of your pictures for publicity purposes)
Music for ceremony, music sets are 45 min, each.
Violin    Classical solo guitarrist     Mexican trio    CD

The Cocktail

Cocktail time: usually takes 45-60 minutes.
The cocktail is set up at the beach and it is set up with torches and luminaries. During the cocktail, waiters will be taking the drinks orders from the guests and a table with a buffet style service for the snacks will be placed for the guests.
One suggestion: right after the ceremony it is always a nice touch to have a drink served for the guests as cocktail drink. For example have glasses of wine ready for them to just grab or maybe margaritas or a punch.

Cocktail Menu
A set up table as shows in the proposal, where the snacks will be place once and not refilled.
Choose from these options:
Shrimp Cocktail, the tomato sauce is served in a tequila glass and the shrimp will be hanging from the glass.
Guacamole, this is served on a chip with a cilantro leave as decoration.
Yucatecan codzitos, this is a fried rolled corn tortilla not oily, with tomato sauce on top and white cheese (very traditional).
Fish ceviche 
Heart shaped quesadilla with salsa
Lobster canapé with lemon cream
Lobster canapé with goat cheese cream
Lobster empanada
Celery filled with herbs cream
Cherry tomatoes filled with crab meat 
Mini crepes filled with mushrooms
Proscioutto and melon
MUSIC FOR COCKTAIL, music sets are 45 min, each.
Mariachi     Classical solo guitarrist     Mexican trio     CD     DJ

Dinner-Reception set up

DINNER TIME: 1-1 ½ hours, most of weddings have the first dance and toast during dinner.
The reception area will be next to the cocktail area inside the Palm roof Palapa surrounded by luminaries. There would be tables for the guests, tables sit 6 guests and they are round; or square table for 8 guests. Or a long table of more, if you are having 20 guests then maybe a long table will work better.

Area’s decoration
Veils and Chinese Lanterns from palm tree to palm tree or inside the palapa.
Lounge furniture such as 4 beds (Canapy beds) with pillows and flower petals.
Lanterns trees, posts with chinese lanterns hanging in sets of 3.
Music and entertainment
DJ, mixture of Cd music, Spanish and English.
Live music
  Renting equipment and use my iphone
  Mariachi music
Fire dancers
Yes, I want a cake with this:
Chocolate filling, white bread and white frosting
Strawberry filling and white frosting
Vanilla filling and white frosting
Chocolate fountain
Tres Leches
Red velvet
Cake decoration:
One Rose bouquet to place on the top of the cake
Cascade arrangements, baby roses and filling
White chocolate figures
No cake, I prefer other options. Tell us more:
Name card with starfish, conch or seahorse
Name card with little conch
Name card with no decoration
Luminarie candle with a little card with the name
Tequila shot with tag
Maracas with tag
Mexican ornament with tag
Licour bottle with tag. Specify liquor:
  I'm bringing my own place cards.
Flower center piece
Vintage set up: different sizes of bottles with flowers
In water decoration: this can be a conch inside of a bowl, also colored water with floating candles,
      a single flower inside of a bowl with water as well.
Different sizes of Candles on a hurricane glass vase with seashells inside 
Fish tanks with two fish inside 
Use your bridal bouquet as center piece
A round mirror
Charger plates.
      Color: Silver Gold Shells
Lighting under the table.
  For children a bunch of crayons tied together with a little ribbon.
  Table cloth. Color:
By consumption prices:
Soft drinks USD 1
Beer ½ size USD 2.5
National cocktails (Jose Cuervo, Bacardi) USD 3.5 / 4.5
Imported cocktails (jack daniels, absolute vodka) USD 5.5
Wine (santa emiliana, calafia, casillero del Diablo) USD 3.5
Moet Chandon USD 100 (bottle, serves 4 glasses)
National Open Bar per hour and per person
      Soft drinks, 2 beer brands, 5 different cocktails, red and white wine and purified water and coffee.
Limited Open Bar per hour and per person
      Soft drinks, one brand beer, two cocktails (choose two types of cocktails for example Pina Colada and Rum and coke),
      white wine and purified water.
Corkage, if bringing your own liquor.
       The corkage is only accepted for liquor, IT DOES NOT INCLUDE BEER, the beer must be purchased in our bar.
Flowers for the bride are specifically required by the bride, there are several options in Isla Mujeres. What I recommend is roses, gerbera daisies, white long calla lilies (seasonal), if you want color calla lilies, they are painted; Casa Blancas and Lilies, Orchids if you want a small bouquet and if you want something casual Carnations tied together look amazing. 
Flower options:
Mix flowers
Please provide option B in case your flower is not available the week of the event:
Flowers needed: Qty:
Bridal bouquet
Bridemaids bouquets
Flower girl bouquets
Mothers bouquets
Bridal care: Qty:
Bridal hair do
Bridemaids hair do
Manicure Nails 
Make up 


Seafood Ceviche.
Lettuce, Mango and Oranges Salad with house vinaigrette.
Jumbo Shrimp served natural with dipping sauce.
Chicken Shish Kabob.
Fish fillet with parsley.
Al Pesto Pasta or White Rice.
Salsa Mexicana.
Chips, bread and tortillas.
Panuchos (mayan chicken taco).
Codzitos (fried tortilla roll with tomato sauce and white cheese on top).
Lime Soup.
Chicken Tamal.
Pibil style Pork.
Tickin Shick Fish Fillet (mayan spice “Achiote”).
Yellow Rice with corn and carrots.
Salsa Mexicana.
Chips, bread and tortillas.
Refried black beans with white cheese
Mixed Salad (tomato, lettuce, carrots, onions, peppers).
Potato or Cheese Empanada.
Chicken Enchilada.
Asada Meat.
Pork shish kabob.
Salsa Mexicana.
Chips, bread and tortillas.
Pasta & Veggie
Potato or bean Empanada.
Mixed Salad (tomato, lettuce, carrots, onions, peppers).
Fruit Salad (watermelon, pineapple, melon).
Curly pasta with steamed vegetables.
Vegetable Tacos.
Stuffed Pepper with cheese or spinach.
Steamed veggies.
Chips, bread and tortillas.
Mexican Merengues.
Mayan coconut candies.
Apple tart (mini pie).
Chocolate mini pie.
Tropical (season) fruit.
Farewell Breakfast
Fruit Salad (watermelon, pineapple, melon).
Hot cakes.
Bacon and Jam.
Scrambled eggs.
Hash browns or Mushed Potato.
Refried beans.
Salsa Mexicana.
Chips, bread and tortillas.


You need to choose one option of salad, soup and entrée with one side and that is what you will serve to your guests:
Caprice (Tomato and mozarella cheese with olive oil and basil) 
Pear and lettuce (Green, yellow and red peppers, tomatoes and almond with a touch of goat cheese. Honey mustard dressing) 
Oranges and lettuce (Mandarin orange and basil dressing)
Mixed (Lettuce, cucumber, carrots, tomatos, onion on a vinagrette dressing)
Chicken-lime soup
Brocolli cream
Cilantro cream
Seafood soup
Sides, complementary for entrees (choose two)
Rice and/or beans
Al pesto potatos
Green beans with butter
Salted veggies
Chicken entrees
Chicken breast with a white wine and grape sauce 
Chicken breast with an almond and lemon sauce
Fish entrees
Fish fillet with Veracruz Style (tomato sauce) 
Fish fillet with a parsley sauce
Shrimp entrees
Shrimp served with a white cream Tequila sauce 
Breaded shrimp 
Lobster entree (seasonal)
Lobster tail served with butter 
Sauted vegetables with pasta 
Green Pepper stuffed with vegetables and penne pasta
Vegetables enchilada
Yucatan / Mexican
Chicken Fajitas
Grilled Beef
Tikin Shish fish (fish fillet, Isla style, served with vegetables) 
Yucatecan Chicken (achiote spice)
For children (choose without sides)
Two slices of pizza
Chicken tacos

If you´re sure everything is OK, then...

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